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I know, I've said this before.  I'm really going to try to write in this journal more often.  Just in case anyone still cares.

I am going to try a snapshot format.  I'm having trouble with my real life writing, and maybe if I do a little fan fiction writing it will jump start my brain.  And someday I will get the Buffy/Giles 'You Can Leave Your Hat On'  finished, as well as the other stories I've got hanging.

This might be a bit of a shock, since I've only written het fiction before, but I'm going to try slash.  Dean/Castiel.

So, starting tomorrow, I'll try to pick a snapshot item and write a bit of a story, and when it's done, it will all go together.

Fingers crossed.

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home again

Okay, so I lived through my stage fright.

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So, as you may have been able to tell, we had a wonderful time. It was as fun as I had hoped it would be and if we are lucky enough to be married for another 28 years ( which would make us 84) we'll do it again.

And I might even watch this wedding by then.
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It is 1:05 am and I can't sleep.

We leave for Vegas at 10 tomorrow morning. Our vow re-newal is Friday and I am more nervous about this than I was our real wedding 28 years ago.

This was all my idea, and Jim has gone along with everything I want, but now I'm having second thoughts. I wanted it to be something fun for just us, but now most of his and my co-workers say that they will be watching. So, stage fright.

Deep breath. In, Out.

To hell with everyone else. This is for us, for fun.

If you have a stray thought at noon on Friday, send it my way. We will be at the Viva Las Vegas wedding chapels, in the Main chapel, going through the Gothic ceremony for a re-newal of our vows. By Jim's request, the minister is the Grim Reaper (I wanted Dracula, but Death is okay too).

I will be wearing a long black dress with a black hooded cloak that has a red lining. Jim will be all in black as well. I bought him a Dracula cape (black with red lining of course), but I don't know if he will wear that or not. The whole thing can be viewed live via the web cam on the site, so although it's just the two of us I think we are going to have around 30 people tuning in.

Wish me luck.

(in, out, in, out)
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I keep falling off the diet wagon, but I also keep getting back on, so maybe my inner child will finally shut up and let me get on with it.

Started going to Curves this morning before work. Felt really good for a couple of hours, then started to stiffen up. Thank god for asprin. But it was fun and all of the other ladies there were very welcoming. I was surprised to see that many (6) people exercising at 6:30 am. And a group came in together at 7. Jennifer, the woman in charge, said that these ladies are retirees who come in every morning. They talk about the previous day and plan the coming one. Funny, but if I was retired I could think of better things to do at 7 am, like sleep. But that's probably why I'm in the shape I'm in.

Still writing a little bit every day. One of these days I'll get something finished.
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I ordered a cloak from a woman on e-bay. Hooded,velvet, reversable, made to order. My choice of size, length, and colors. I'm getting black/garnet, 60" long, and since I'm only 64" tall, that means it's floor length. The hem is 15' around. The pictures she had on e-bay were beauthful and if this is even close to the picture I'd say it's worth the price. $79 plus $12 shipping. There were a lot of cloaks that were less expensive, but they were just the one color and of the 'one size fits all' catagory and as any one who is a 'queen' size knows, those 'one size' don't fit all. So I know this will fit.

Got a Dracula cape for hubby on e-bay as well. This is going to be so much fun.
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