touch and go posting

This just in - I made it!

Journal - check

Writing - check (kinda, if editing counts)

Program - shot to hell.

However, I now have great incentive. Hubby is totally onboard with going to Vegas next month and doing the tacky wedding. I've been looking at a special gown (not really expensive, but very different. Black, gothic style)and I panicked when I took my measurements to get the right size. The next thirty days are going to be focused and then I'll measure again. My goal is to be down at least two dress sizes.

Wish me luck.
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Missed a few days.

Totally struck out. No journal, no writing, blew off the program. I think my mind got hyjacked. Somewhere deep inside me is an evil twin who is a stubborn three year old saying "NO!!" to everyting I want to do.

Does anyone else feel this way?



Just to mark the day.

I'm here, I'm writing.

Totally blew the diet and i don't care. I'll get back on track tomorrow. No regrets, no second thoughts.

Feel kind of pissy. Still have mood swings even in menopause and I must be going through a doozy tonight.

Enough said.

Good night.
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Went to bed, tossed and turned. Kept feeling like I was forgetting something. Just aboout to drift off when I remembered that I hadn't posted today.

Write in journal. Check
Write fiction. Check
Stay on program. Check
Execise - nope.

Oh well, three out of four isnt' that bad.

Night all
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Grabbed the wrong disk this morning and wound up working on something I haven't touched for a couple of months. Work was busy and I only got to do it at lunch, but I added a paragraph, so still writing. But I was a little upset with myself cause I had had a great idea for one of the two Atlantis stories and wanted to get it down. Real life interrupted after work and I didn't have a chance to write this evening.

Stayed on program again today. Yeah!! Got on the scale this morning and down one more pound, so it must have been liquids keeping my weight up after I hardly ate during my cold. We'll see tomorrow. Not looking for another loss, just as long as I don't gain.

Not so good with the exercise. It's very hard to get going. Years of a sedentary lifestyle aren't easy to overcome, but I'm working on it.

Talked to the hubby and he seems to be on board with the idea of going to Vegas for our anniversary. This one will be either 28 or 7, depending on how you count it. We got married on Leap Year Day (Feb 29th)1980. I want to find a tacky wedding chapel and do a re-newal of vows. Right now, I'm leaning towards a vampire theme. But the Egyptain one looks pretty goofy too. Or, just go whole hog and have it on the Enterprise bridge at the Star Trek experience. Hum, decisions, decisions.
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(no subject)

Making myself write a little something everyday may be working. I've got two active plot lines running in my brain and I am making progress (just a little but still progress) on both.

Lost one pound this week. Was a little disapointed, because as I said I didn't really eat a lot while I was sick. But I couldn't seem to get enough to drink, so maybe it's liquid and it will even out. I will not use it as an excuse to cheat. Stay on my program, I will.

I talked to my boss and my office partner, and they are both good with my coming in an hour later in the mornings. She is really happy about being able to leave at 3:30 every day instead of needing to stay until 4:30. I've never thought that it made sense for both of us to work 9 hour days when things usually get slow after 3:30. And it never gets busy before 9:00. The carriers (Fed Ex, UPS, etc) all leave by 4:00. So she can leave early and I can come in late. Now I just have to haul my butt out of bed at the normal time and go to Curves. The one nearest to where I live opens at 6:30 every morning. I don't know how busy they are at that time, I just know that in the evenings it's really busy. Since I'm new and slower I feel that I'm holding other people up, even though no one's ever complianed, so I keep making excuses to not stop. No reason now.
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(no subject)

Just a quick note.

Feeling better. check

Eating right. check

Writing. check

Writing in journal. check.

Okay, good to go for today.
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pushing it

Boy, I keep pushing the edge, but as long as I get it in intime, it counts.

Feeling a lot better today, so obiviously not normal cold cause it only took three days to get over it. Not totally yet, but better. Except for the persistant tickle in my throat that keeps making me cough, and my voice being gone, I could just have bad algergies.

Working on my story right now. Stopped to get this post in. Going pretty good at the moment. Fingers crossed.

Stayed pretty much on program today. Didn't eat everything I could have, appetite still a little off, but didn't eat anything off program so I consider it a win. I'll try to start my walking on Monday. If I walk on my breaks, that's 20 minutes of walking a day, in two 10 minute blocks. Better than nothing. Also, my boss had brought up the idea of one of us in the office coming in an hour later and staying over an hour. If I did that I could go to Curves before work.

Sounds like a plan. Now if I can just get the other girl in the office sold on her still coming in at 7.

I'll keep you posted.
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just under the wire

Been in bed most of the day, will probably spend most of the weekend there. Feel like crap.

Just before midnight here and I'm watching Atlantis and I realized that I hadn't posted in my journal. So here I am.

I also realized that I hadn't written anything today, so I just added a sentance to my story.

Haven't followed program today, but haven't eaten anything bad, just haven't really eaten. Soup and juice.

There, still following my resolutions. I don't care what the auto clock says, it's 11:55 pm on the 4th.

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